Service & Maintenance Programs

Industrial Laundry Service & Maintenance Programs

Aqualogic offers a range of flexible service agreements which may be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Planned Maintenance – Certified, Professional, and Executed with Precision

Our team of highly experienced experts delivers leading services. We strongly recommend investing in a quality service program to ensure efficient and safe operation of your equipment.

  • Regular preventative maintenance minimises the risk of additional operational costs over the lifetime of the product.
  • Aqualogic maintenance includes thorough inspection and system checks based on equipment specifications and performance parameters.
  • Aqualogic products are precision-built machines using the latest systems on the market. They require an appropriate level of technical competence for proper servicing and maintenance.

Our Maintenance Programs

Aqualogic has developed superior documented processes to ensure that we deliver on the key outcomes expected of a maintenance program.

Choose from our unique TOTAL CARE and SMART CARE maintenance programs. We provide dedicated technicians, significant members-only savings, discounts and response guarantees with these programs.

Our comprehensive programs cover all the services, maintenance, and parts costs with locked-in monthly premiums. This makes budgeting a breeze and unplanned expenditure a thing of the past.

  • Download our TOTAL CARE Programmed Maintenance Agreement Flyer here.
  • Download our SMART CARE Agreement Flyer here. SMART CARE includes rental choices and financial options with maintenance as a built-in service.

Choosing the Right Maintenance Package for Your Business

We understand that all businesses are different. Before choosing your maintenance package, we recommend speaking to one of our team to discuss your specific needs. We’ll be happy to provide any advice, technical help or evaluation services you need to choose the perfect package.

Aqualogic Emergency Services

We also offer a quick response service when you need fast solutions for equipment issues. Our emergency service response facility minimises downtime and lost productivity. Regular maintenance provides peace of mind for your operation.

Contact Aqualogic

If you’d like to explore your choices for maintenance services, call Aqualogic on 1300 222 119 or contact us online.  Ask us about your service options to find the maintenance program that best suits your needs and budget.

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