CHICAGO Edge Maxx Cornerless Feeding Series

Edge Maxx brings operators the patented cornerless spreader feeder series deigned for the accurate, high volume presentation of sheets and table linen into the ironing and folding equipment. With two independent feed conveyors, Maxx offers the fastest spreading and feeding times per operator in the industry.

EDGE MAXX CT™ is the very fastest laundry feeder of the Edge family; a perfect mix of performance and simplicity from Chicago, it’s the market leader in laundry feeding technology. This unique patented feeding system removes machine speed limitations at the entry side and is designed to run in front of 120-200 FPM ironing lines. With a 2-second mechanical cycle time, sheets can be ironed end-to-end at faster speeds than previously possible, with a maximum theoretical potential cycle rate up to 1800 pieces per hour, making this the world’s fastest spreader feeder.

Edge Maxx is designed to amplify the productivity of laundry personnel. Using comfortable, yet space efficient, lateral separation of two individual continuously moving cornerless feed inputs, each operator effectively has their own Edge to work with. Faster speed capability and 50% more storage capacity ensure that even the fastest operator should have no limitations and zero wait time. An automatic floor return reject system brings misfed items back to front and centre for convenient removal. The Edge Maxx laundry feeder is can be used with a Cascade linen separator and Linenstream distribution conveyor.

  • Patented cornerless technology welcomed by operators – no more clipping
  • CHI-Touch PC based touch screen control; the simplest and most complete set-up, operating, managing and diagnostic software in the industry
  • Amplifies the production of operators
  • Dual feeding heads cycle faster than ever before
  • Lighting fast feeding technology eliminates speed limitations at the input end
  • Superior ROI per operator per piece than other multi-station feeders
  • Exclusive GAPBUSTER technology senses the gap between sheets and accelerates to reduce the gap and increase end to end production 
Product Details
Manufacturer CHICAGO
Product code MAXX CT
Capacity Length - 3048mm, 3454mm

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