Architects, Consultants & Builders

Aqualogic will work closely with architects, laundry consultants and builders to design a laundry solution that works.

With thousands of projects and almost 5 decades of know-how to lean on, our experienced Project and Design Team assists professional architects and consultants with specialised design, layout and industry expertise. We help with the intricate details that are necessary for successful laundry concept development.

We combine technical advice and assistance with design and project management services to develop laundries for a wide range of requirements. Utilising the latest design technology, we ensure every aspect of an efficient, cost effective and hygienic laundry layout.

Once the design stage is complete, our Project Management Team takes over, ensuring a successful end result that’s delivered on time and within your budget.

What We Can Do for You

New installations and upgrades come with a range of challenges that can derail your schedule and blow out your costs.

As industry professionals, we understand these challenges and assist you to manage laundry equipment selection, handling, space management, and cost. We can ensure that your laundry installation is optimised through a range of services:

  • Site evaluation
  • Workload and handling evaluation
  • Equipment selection
  • Technical support
  • Technology training and assistance when you need it
  • Expert advice and guidance regarding specific problems and issues
  • Fast, reliable servicing of equipment

Make Managing Costs Easy with Aqualogic

Nobody wants their project to cost more than it needs to. If you’re looking at major expenses for your new facility, our experienced team can help you.

Aqualogic offers a range of sustainable business solutions for your bottom line:

  • Our machines are built to be cost effective, providing lower operational cost and greater load handling capacities.
  • We offer rental solutions to help you get the machines you need without the expensive outlay.
  • We provide ongoing maintenance and servicing options as part of our standard packages.

Need help with your Laundry? Contact us now!

Call 1300 222 119 or contact us online to talk to our laundry experts. Our team of professionals can help you with machine selection, technical information, site issues, and any other support or guidance you require.