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The extensive range of vended/coin operated washers and dryers suit coin laundries, multi-housing complexes and guest laundries.

When the customers come… the machines work.

Aqualogic offer the most complete range of coin operated laundry products: commercial top load and front load washers, single and stack dryers, together with a full range of commercial washer-extractors and tumble dryers. The extensive range of vended/coin operated washing machines and dryers suit coin laundries, multi-housing complexes and guest laundries. Strong, reliable, user-friendly machines with excellent service back-up ensures your equipment is always operating, maximising profits and minimising costs. Industry leading machine warranties give peace of mind and remove the risk of unplanned expenditure.

All front loading washers focus on water and energy savings with excellent wash result and reduced operating costs. Tumblers are available in both gas and electric heating. Small footprints and space saving stacked units offer the opportunity to maximize valuable floor space, improving your return on investment. Easy-to-operate coin chutes with large internal collection boxes secure coin collections. Micro controllers with on screen customer countdowns or simple push-to-start controls give you the choice to customise your laundry room to fit your needs. Card vending options or card-ready models will interface with OEM card readers or hook to a central controller or card management system for use in student accommodation laundry rooms and other card operated facilities.

Our design team is able to assist with every facet of your laundry project. Design, layout and specifications for new laundromats, guest laundries or upgrades for existing laundromats is part of our service, walking you step by step through hydraulics, engineering, council requirements and installation.

The assistance doesn’t stop there – our solutions include start-up and ongoing marketing advice to ensure your laundry generates maximum profit from day one.

Commercial and Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

If you run a Laundromat, student accommodation or a guest laundry, our commercial and coin operated machines may be ideal for you.

Our machines include:

Compact Commercial

Excellent for space management, capacity, and performance, these machines are made for repeated use and can help to enhance your profits.


The washer-extractors in our range include high capacity washers, highly efficient machines and top loader designs. Our washers focus on water and energy savings. They are fully programmable for quick wash cycles delivering excellent wash results and operational costs.


Our single and double stack dryers are perfect for any laundry environment. They are high capacity, reliable and ideal for high-demand drying environments such as Laundromats. Powered by gas, our dryers are a cost-effective alternative to electric versions. Fire-Suppression Technology fire-suppression technology means your investment is always protected.

Ironing Systems

The Chicago brand ironing systems are tough and reliable, offering accuracy and dependability to deliver a superior finish.

Payment Systems

Available with coin, token or cashless payment systems, this equipment is ideal for any laundry facilities.

Our coin machines offer easy to operate, secured coin chutes for peace of mind in securing your revenue stream or alternatively our ‘AquaPay’ cashless system can be utilised for cashless payment.

Choosing Your Equipment

To find the right equipment for your needs, compare the machines in our range and talk to our experts about your business.

Consider the following points when selecting your products:

  • You will generally require multiple washers and dryers for a coin laundry environment. Choose a range of different sizes to accommodate customers with varying load sizes.
  • In the hospitality sector, Larger washers and dryers are essential for washing larger items like doonas.
  • Compact machines are excellent for space management, achieving better returns and making the best use of available space.
  • Multiple types of machines can be used to deliver more services, to efficiently manage space, and to achieve better returns

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