MILNOR Pass Through Dryer

Milnor dryers are pass-through machines that load at one end and discharge at the other.

Milnor pass-through dryers form an integral part of an automated batch laundry processing system. These fully-automatic commercial dryers can also be used to streamline operations with washer-extractor systems. Pass-through design allows excellent workflow, while automatic loading/unloading and drying controls reduce operator attention. Basket volumes available are 56.8 cu. ft. (1608 L), 93 cu. ft. (2635 L), 108 cu. ft. (3058 L), 119 cu. ft. (3373 L) and 200 cu. ft. (5663 L). They’re ideal for loads ranging from 100 lb. (45 kg) to 550 lb. (250 kg).

Heat Source: Natural Gas, Propane, Steam, Thermal Fluid

Fixed Tilt
Energy Saver Seal
Stainless Steel Basket

Why they save time and energy

  • Goods circulate freely–as they dry, they move to the upper end; 56.8-200 cu. ft. (1608-5663 L) cylinder enhances movement of hot air through the load
  • Huge open area–with about 65% of the perforated side sheet open, hot air flows easily through the basket
  • Unique Energy Saver Seal keeps air flowing through the goods without escaping around the outside of the basket
  • Fixed tilt–places the heaviest goods, which are wettest, nearest the heat entry
  • Fast unloading–no need to wait for mechanized tilting or operator attention, as the basket is always tilted toward the unload end.
  • They boost productivity
  • Fast cycles mean more output
  • Fast turnaround from one load to the next adds even more output
  • To minimize turnaround delays, Milnor conveyors and shuttles allow automated loading when the dryer is ready, without operator attention. Or, if you prefer, sling loading can be employed (the fixed tilt helps goods fall to the back).
  • Gravity unloading is automatic, without an attendant, and there are no delays for hydraulic tilting
  • Pass-through design is ideal for streamlined workflow
Product Details
Manufacturer MILNOR
Product code 5050, 6450, 6458, 6464, 7676
Capacity 68kg, 127kg, 145kg, 158kg, 250kg

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